Having a great website is all good and well, but you need to get some traffic to your site to make it work.

You can push people there from your social media accounts, you can promote your site on your vehicle signage and business cards, and of course you can just tell people what your website is.

But the best source of traffic you’ll ever get is Google.

If you’re a carpenter in Brisbane, you want to show at the top of Google when your potential client types in “carpenter in Brisbane”.

So how do you show up there?  You can pay to be right at the very top, but what tradie wants to pay for every click to their website?  No one does regardless of what business you’re in!

What we love is free traffic from Google, and the way to get that is to “organically” rank at the top.  This means you’re the first result under the three or four paid spots at the top.

One of the best ways to get this free traffic is to have lots of great content on your website.  What we mean by content (especially when talking about Google) are text-based articles that are relevant to your business.

This could be articles about your services, about your experience, the story behind your trade business and anything else that might be relevant.

Google loves written content, and the more quality content you can get onto your website the better it will be for you.